What else "while I'm at it" with a radiator replacement? (1 Viewer)

Aug 2, 2014
The Savannah River Valley

I just had ACC overhaul the front axle and do the PHH on my 94 FZJ with 161K on the clock. I have the standard greasy engine that's leaking from the oil pump and the distributor O-ring.

The hoses are original and the radiator wasn't holding pressure but I elected to take of this myself.

I got taken care of by Beno at Nalley on a new 3-row brass radiator and I went ahead and got the following Toyota parts:
-all cooling system hoses
-heater control valve
-blue hub fan clutch
-oil pump gasket
-oil pump screws
-Distributor O-ring
-front main crank seal
-2 gallons of Toyota red coolant

NAPA parts:
-Breeze Constant Torque Clamps
-Cap and rotor (forgot those at Toyota)

I've watched the Texasknowhow video a few times and know this is well within my abilities (I have access to a military auto hobby shop with lifts and air tools).

With the radiator out and easy access to the front of the motor, is there any other maintenance or prophylactic replacements I should take care of while I'm in there and there's plenty of room to work?

Gratuitous shot of ACC's work on the axle!


Mar 1, 2014
People suggest. The power steering pump rebuild and hoses while ur there kinda thing. As well as the 2 bearings one tensioner and pulley by a/c. And oh yeah the gasket or o-ring for the plug below the oil pump I'm kinda in the middle if doin the same thing and that's what I have been told
Fyi u can buy the oil pump screws in torques heads found that out after I installed mine

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