What else do I need for this clutch and parking brake job?

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Apr 26, 2018
Stevens, PA
1970 FJ40 stock

I think I have most things:

1. I contacted Valley Hybrids and got a complete parking brake kit so I'm good there (thank you blossett)
2. Clutch plate, disc, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, rear engine seal, hub clips, clutch alignment tool, flywheel plates (qty 3), clutch fork boot, and clutch hub (throw out bearing hub)

Do I need more seals? Maybe a transmission input shaft seal? Or a transmission to transfer case seal? Rear output seal? I'm not sure of the names of these seals or what else is needed. I REALLY don't want to do this twice and I need to stop the leaks. I want to make sure I have each and every individual seal I need when I change the clutch and parking brake
100% yes to trans input seal. Easy to do and you’ll be mad if you don’t and it leaks. If your going to have the xfer case out I would reseal that as well. I did the double parking brake seal from Mudrak. 1600+ leak free miles and parking brake works like a champ.
So, should I spend the $30 on this kit with multiple seals:

Or is this one ok:

Or this, but they are out right now:

And why do these look different but claim to be the same and for the same year:
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Happy to help, feel free to call if you need info or parts.


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