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Jul 18, 2007
Hi all,

Today I was musing through the local ads and came upon a new soft top for an early landcruiser. The guy had lost the tag on the box and didn't know what it fit exactly, I described my '75 FJ40 to him and from what we both gathered it seemed to be the top I was looking for. I went down and pulled it out of the box, it looked to be the right size and shape so I bought it. On the way home I was trying to figure out how it was held up along the top since the 40's top comes completely off. After I got to reading the instructions it shows a picture of a cruiser similar looking to a 40, only the door handles are just below the windowsill (higher than a 40), the wing window has a wider divider between the door glass, the doors have a solid frame all the way around them, and the directions talk about leaving some roof bows in place after removing the original top. Is this for a different year of 40 or for a different model? Any ideas of what it was actually for? Thanks for the help guys.
try searching OEM Factory soft top .... sounds like that is what the instructions are talking about...
not an expert on them just seen pictures of them on here... someone will correct me if i am wrong...

To run a soft top you will need bows of some sort. Earlier 40's have different door handles, they turn rather than pop-up. And I'm not sure what you mean by solid frame around the door....
oem factory soft doors have frames on them... i think that is what he is talking about...
I got some pics today, one is of the top, and the other is of the instruction sheet which shows a portion of the vehicle it fits, When I try to attach them to the post it wants me to put in some sort of URL address, I can mail them to anyone who might be curious. The framework I am talking about around the doors is like a full doorjamb around a hard door, not a soft door frame. I do have the twist type handles.
I did a manufacturer search & think I might have answered my own question here, and it looks like I have a great find, trouble is it also looks like it is going to be a hunt to find the rest of the framework. Mine looks a bit different than the one in this thread though, it has rounded rear corners and corner windows. Here's a link to what I found:

Mustang sent me the pics and it is a Kayline. Nice condition too!



Below are pictures of a Kayline that sold on eBay last year.



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