What does OEM really mean?

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May 7, 2003
It's time to replace my water pump on my stock 1978 FJ40. Toyota doesn't make the part anymore. Among the many places that have the part, I can get it from a Toyota parts warehouse for $80, from Man-a-fre for $99, or from Cruiserparts.net for $25.

Several say the part is OEM, but does that just mean the part is built to Toyota specs? Or does it mean it just fits the same holes. I want a part that'll last another 25 yrs, but don't want to pay $100 for a part that is the same as a $30 part.

Any advice?
yeah for some reason thats the only waterpump Toyota doesn't make anymore. I used an aftermarket one for my 77, recall it being $50(forget the brand), seems to work just fine.

don't have an answer to the rest of your question
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer which means factory new. Parts warehouse probably has NOS (New Old Stock) on hand, Man-a-Fre the same, and Cruiserparts.net is likely a rebuild.

IMO, cruiserdan is the expert in this...
there are also oem replacement parts, oem rebuilt parts, oem not factory rebuilt.

if it comes in a toyota package its factory oem, if its a oem rebuilt it usually means its a factory rebuilt part, a part that is oem part that is rebuilt by another rebuilder that is not the Orginal factory, Then some replacement parts are duplicate parts made somewhere else.

Not being 100% toyota only specific, but check pricing and manufacture on the parts you buy, same parts can vary up to 20% on price between parts suppliers.
I got a rebuilt pump at napa. Only 24.00. It is easy enough to change that if it only lasts 6 years i will be happy, and it has a lifetime guarantee so i only "buy" it one time.

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