What do you think this 40 is worth?

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Jul 12, 2005
So I recieved an email from a guy in MD that owns a 40. His health has rapidly deteriorated and he needs to sell the 40 and his cottage in BC, Canada. Anyone here shed some light on what he ca realistically get for his 40. He mentioned that he put it on MUD but I haven't seen it listed anywhere. Here's his email

"I have a question that I hope that you don't mind trying to answer:

I have owned a Toyota Landcruiser ('77) for 22 years, but due to severe health problems, I have to sell it. I live in southern Maryland and would like to advertise it at a fair price--for both the buyer and myself. I had placed an ad to sell it on I8mud.com (a website I imagine you've heard of), but to no avail, probably because the vehicle is currently parked in a barn in a remote part of British Columbia. I have pretty much decided that I'll have the vehicle shipped to my home in Maryland and try to sell it from here.

Here is the ad:

1977 Toyota Landcruiser in Superb Condition for Sale

Chevy 350 engine, which I've put 20,000 miles on. Engine in excellent condition; 4-wheel drive in fine condition. Vehicle drives beautifully. Virtually no rust. Driven by me only in summers in BC. Leather seats with no tears, AM/FM stereo system with extra speakers, has 20 gallon, integrated reserve gas tank, heavy-duty front bumper ready for winch, roof rack and specially designed propane tank carrier. Garage kept. Certificate of Canadian inspection (Jan. 09) plus many photos, including underside of vehicle, available upon request. Maryland plates. Vehicle must be viewed and picked up in Kaslo or Nelson, BC. No catalytic converter. Must sell. Call 301-872-5141 or e-mail: apaskow@smcm.edu <mailto:apaskow@smcm.edu> .

My question to you is what do you think that the vehicle is roughly worth based on the information I'm giving you? I know that the information is pretty sketchy, but I could send more. I have lots of photos, but have attached only three (one being of the inspection certificate). (Other pictures are from various angles, including underneath the vehicle.) If you can't answer my question, I'd very much appreciate your passing it on to someone in the club who might be able to.

Many thanks for whatever help you can give me.


Alan "

So what do you guys think? I thought 8-9K? He's asked 8K for it but thats been while its in another country.... What do you guys think? If tis truely rust free... Maybe more?

Pics of his 40
I think a LOT more pics are necessary, especially of the underside and rust-prone areas. It's an odd mix of upgrades - not yet a wheeler but not really stock either.
I have seen pictures of that truck on Mud. I think perhaps even in the For Sale section. I remember it because wherever I saw it advertised or posted was far from here and the MD plates caught my eye.

If he wants it gone, tell him to put it on Ebay with no reserve and let the market decide the value. If he feels it is worth 8 or 9k to him, tell him to make that his reserve and put it on Ebay. If he did list it on Mud I guess it was too high to sell here.
I would add also that the whole MD tags parked in Canada thing just sounds funny. I'd get it down here, have it cleaned up and take some pics on a nice day. Too bad it has the little tires, it would probably have more curb appeal if it had larger tires. But, I wouldn't spend money on that now.

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