What do you think about this tire?

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Sep 2, 2003
I am considering changing my tire. I looked at Tirerack.com for the comparison and my tire Bridgestone Dueler HT Dueler rates really low on all aspect. Also I am getting this humming from tires.
So, I was thinking either Dueler A/T Revo or Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G051.
WHat do you guys think between these two?
Dueler is $129 and Yoko's are $109
I ran the Revos on my Tacoma for a while. It's a really great tire. I recently went to a larger Yoko Geolander MT and they only lasted about 10K miles. I replaced them with the Nitto Terragraplers. These are some of the most agressive AT tires out and I love them. They are quiet and seem to be wearing very well. They perform awesome offroad too. The Geolander AT's have a pretty wimpy tread pattern.

94 LC
01 Tacoma
They both rate very high. Depends on your usage. If it's all around with some offroad, they'll be great. If you need a more serious tire offroad then you'll want to step up to a BFG All Terrain TA-KO or TA-KM.

Here's a survey of All Terrain tires from tirerack...


And, here's a survey of all the Max Offroad tires from tirerack...


Another option for the "all around" tire is the Nitto Terra Grappler. Discount Tire Direct sells those and I'll be posting a review of them shortly. So far, they're excellent.
Do yourself a favor and look at Toyo M-55's. Tire rack does not sell these. Fine a Toyo dealer.
I run 285/75 Revos and love 'em, but I'm not a hard core wheeler. Quiet on the freeway at 75, little appreciable wear in 20K miles. No problems in the mud, sand and gravel I find on dirt roads & trails where I hunt in SoCal. Good luck, BigMac

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