What do you guys think of this?

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Jul 6, 2007
Nashua, NH
Should i trade my 4runner for this?

1975 FJ40 toyota 4x4 landcruiser land cruiser

Keep in mind I will still have the K5 to sell and that money to put into it. Other question is do 75's need to be smogged or is it exempt? Because i think a chevy 4.3 or v8 and trans would be high on the list of mods. What do you guys think?
If you want the nostalgia of the FJ40, then I would go for it. That thing won't even come close to wheeling like the 4Runner and won't have the room.
The 71 fj40 is stll for sale or trade it only 25 min east of visalia, I need something with more room..... thanks
U CAN DO IT! your the one that's tired of sittin' on the floorpan uhmemba?
I drove you around all day and listend to you complain about how you hated driving the runner and loved the room of the 40!
Well, havn't hear back from the guy...so will have to keep looking.
Hey Don, yes still have my 80 ,just hit bald last weekend saw some of your members crawling around, anyways my 72 40 is for sale on craigslist or trade for mini/4runner < I miss posted earlier as a 71..sorry to confuse thanks, Justin

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