what do you guys think of this one?

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Apr 25, 2009
St. Petersburg, Fl.
96 lx 450, 180k $7950

check out the link. 1996 Lexus LX 450

Im new to looking at landcruisers so dont know much about the diff between landcruisers vs. lx's. If someone could shed some light, thatd be great!

also, what do you guys think of the mileage? this will be my daily driver, any concerns?

hehe ;)

but seriously though, check out the links if you haven't already. Ask the right questions to the seller. Report back with specifics if more elaborate info is needed, or if the cruiser is out of your area see if a local mudder would inspect for ya in trade for a few beers or whatnot ;).

Nice, very nice.
:flipoff2: is our friendly welcome, and if you do get this or another lx450/cruiser this is the place for all your good help.

hard to tell from that picture, but looks like it has the dial left of the steering column for diff locks, if they are functional still I'd offer $6500 for it and maybe go up a bit. No mention of them in the ad. Assuming it is stock they will only work in low range, and should only be attempted on gravel or loose dirt, turn some figure 8's and you'll know if they work or not, try these links too.

Slee - Fixing a Center Diff Lock Indicator (Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser)
Slee - Pin 7 Mod for CDL (Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser)
Slee - Fixing Diff Lock Actuator (Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser)
The price is a little high, but not outrageous. I just bought a 96 LX450 w/ lockers at 142k miles for $6600, just for a reference point. Mine is in good shape. The expected problems are partially not working power seats and crappy leather. The leather on these things is only good for about 7-8 years, so expect the upholstery on the seats to be rough. Other than that, look for the things mentioned on Slee's page.
Not a big deal, but that's a shame about the seats:frown:. The rest of the truck is in awesome shape. A little leather treatment and TLC would have gone a long way to prevent A LOT of that damage. I know the Florida sun is harsh, but.......Some will say "they're all like that". Nope. Good looking truck--talk him down a bit and grab it!

Let us know how it works out.

I have a 97 Texas car I bought a couple years ago and the leather is in great shape so you can't blame the sun for it entirely. The 97 I bought has some pretty dark window tint on it so it is either the tint that has saved the leather of it was taken care of.
Either way the rest of it looks nice and the vehicle is worth what the market will bear. What I mean is that in some parts of the country 80's are harder to find so they could bring more money, consider the option of finding one a thousand miles away and paying a bit less for it but having to then get it home. I would try to get them down if possible but if not you have to think about your alternatives (how long are you willing to wait for another one, how far will you have to go to get it etc) and if paying a little more might be worth it to you. I know I paid too much for my 97 but it has turned out to be a really nice rig now I don't think about the price I paid.
Good luck

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