What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend? (74 Viewers)

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Got a quick bath:
Rolled it around in the mud the dirty girl :pig:she is.

I slid off the peaks and and post turtled it on the axles in good and slimy SC gumbo clay. A long double pull self recovery and we were off again. Recovery equipment worked as designed.
The big thing is my :princess: got to see and feel the winch in action and has a little more faith in our ability to self recover.
Decided to take the simple drawers I made a couple of weeks ago and finish them off full-out. Welded some simple handles out of threaded rod I had. I like the industrial look. The wife really likes the slide out "counter top." Ha.

A lil mud and camping at Knoxville OHV. Good times. Let the boy wheel on a few sections…got some new pin stripes. Worth it.
You're leaving out the good stuff Dean!
Sam!!! You'll meet T-Rexi when you come down soon! I need some assistance with her windows and a few other electrical items.;)
Man, I feel guilty. This truck is so clean, Matthew was more than reasonable and helpful on the transaction, and the rust is just isolated to one dogleg as he said. @Deathvalleypaul has one on the way! Aaron at Summit Transport got her here swiftly and safely. Are you referring to the Grunter turbo and other bits I've been saving for her? I fully support your Chevota dreams! Me, I'm rolling coal.

Truly a dream come true!💚
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