What did I buy? No, really.


Oct 17, 2007
San Gregorio
This has old school sbc mounts welded in. You will need factory mounts to use a 6 again. Has chevy column and saginaw ps.
Jul 5, 2010
chichester nh
I promise the thread title isn't clickbait.

A buddy had an FJ40 of an unknown year sitting on his back lot for years. He recently sold the house and has to be out in two weeks so I asked him about the FJ. Long story short, I bought it for a song. However, he purchased it as a parts/donor vehicle so he didn't have a title or anything. The VIN was cut out of the frame who knows how long ago so I don't know what year it is and neither does he, though he guesses a 68 or 69. No engine, transmission, doors of any kind, top, seats, and more. But it came with a bunch of junk stored in it I have to chuck, so I've got that going for me.

I've done some reading and am confident in my ability to get a state-issued VIN and title it, though it's a LONG way from being ready to drive. I did get a bill of sale, and I used language similar to that found on the form my state uses for issuing a VIN.

Hopefully, the pictures will help one of you knowledgeable folks recognize some feature and know what the year is, or at least a 95% certainty of year so I can start looking for the missing body parts. I have an '06 LX470 and a '69 Jeepster Commando that I restored, but this is my first foray into FJ40s.


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vin cut out of the frame? parts rig for sure.keep looking

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