What could happen if one drives 3k+ road miles with rear locker on?

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Nov 2, 2002
What could happen if one drives 3k+ road miles with rear locker on?

Trying to help someone understand what could happen if you drive 3K+ miles with the rear locker locked. Of course we have explained what could happen but I think hearing from others would be helpful. Besides wearing the tires, what else could happen? Please post up.

Basics: Built truck with AT tires.
Nothing. All your gonna do is wear out the tires. People drive with spooled rear ends all the time. No big deal.
Yup, generally the same as running an Aussie or Lockright that's automatic all the time (minus the racheting I suspect)

If there isn't a noticeable problem, then the most you could have done as a result of binding in tight turns is to wear the splines and ujoints just a bit more than normal.
Agree, nothing but slightly increased tire wear.

Have driven several spool/Lincoln locked rigs and my 80 locked on the highway. The biggest difference is handling in high speed, tight corners. It can under-steer or over-steer, depending on which rear tire has the most traction and can switch at anytime. This slight "twitchyness" isn't that big of a deal as long as your ready/expecting it and the effect is much less noticeable on the 80 with AWD.
Increased tire wear and a decrease in handling/ turning... Unless you are driving very stupid and have bad luck, then you might break an axle shaft just because of how heavy the 80 is but I would doubt it.

There it is. You could break an axle shaft. Yes people run around with spools on the street, however those that do also know and accept the risks that come with running a spool (at least I thought they did). Solid locked rear put extra stress on all the internal parts. Sure a spool or Lincoln locker is cheaper than selectable, but eventually things can break. Also it can put you in the ditch fast on the road in the ice.

Run the rear full time locked, ok just don’t assume nothing could happen. :doh:
If you break an axle on the road with it locked then you got a weak rig. It goes under far more stress off road than on the street.
ummm... methinks that if you do a tight turn on asphalt, there should be a large difference in rotation speed between the 2 tires. Something will give if locked, hopefully but not necessarily the tires.
Yeah, asphalt is WAY grippy compared to dirt or even rock...

but you shouldn't run a selectable rear locked all the time just "cuz"
(if I'm reading OP's most recent post correctly)

It's selectable for a reason....
Good traction.

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