what could be rattling?!

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Jun 29, 2008
hey guys, i need your help! There's this rattle noise i hear when it's on IDLE, only on DRIVE AND REVERSE and it goes away when i accelerate. It seems like its coming from the driver side, underneath the engine, i feel the rattles thru the gas pedal.. THANKS..
there was a loose heat shield that was rattling months ago underneath the PASSENGER SIDE that i fixed by using a hose clamp.. i believed that's a CATALYTIC CONVERTER HEAT SHIELD, is there another CATALYTIC CONVERTER on the DRIVER SIDE?
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There's 2 sheilds for the cats. Clamp both. Check the bolts at the exhaust flanges ( were it connects into 1 pipe)

Check the plastic skid plate. My washers like to rattle when a bolt is slightly loose. Stuff CAN make it ontop of both skid plates. You'd be surprised what you can find.

Have somebody pull the E-Brake and press the brake in drive, slide under or next to your door panels and try to isolate the area.

Hope that helps!
If I recall correctly, there are 3 shields-a smaller one in the middle of the system going towards the back. smaller one. all 3 of mine are crummy as far as being secure. I've tightened them much as I could.
i had a rattle that ended up being a clamp that connected the pipe to the front part of the muffler. The bolt fell out...all i had were zipties to fix it.....lol
I've finally discovered the rattles!!!!!!! it's the plastic engine cover, one of the foams underneath it was missing, no more rattles....

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