What changes required to install 79 trans and xfer into 1977 FJ40

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Mar 11, 2014
Hanover, Virginia
Want to find out what, if any, changes are needed to install a 1979 FJ40 transmission and transfer case into a 1977 FJ40?
No changes needed.
Thanks. There was a question of the emergency brake was different on the 79. Sounds like not.
What @Dynosoar said. If ANYTHING looks different, other than that sensor on top of the transmission, then one or the other has not been properly represented. The internals of the parking brake are the same, so they can be swapped as well. from the cable to the lever the components are different.
Thank you both. I am sure the transmission is being correctly represented. The seller just wanted to be totally sure we had a match and was warning me there was a possible issue regarding the brake. I told them I would get on here and was sure the knowledge base would help with this. External parts difference are not a concern to me, so I am good to go with the 79. Thanks much.

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