What causes 'chugging' with a 1hz - over-fuelling/throttling when under load ? something else ?

Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
Is it simply a feature of the indirect injection design of the 1hz for the motor to 'chug' when too much throttle is applied under load?

I stop it simply by backing off the throttle and if I don't need to gear down due to the grade it keeps going but slower. I don't care how slow it goes. ;)

I've never driven an 80 series with any other motor (like a 1hdt or 1hdft turbo diesel) so have no experience to compare against.

Does anything need to be done with the motor to maybe address any underlying problem? I did the shims at 600 k km's and the motor is now over 686 k km's so shims are due at 700 k kms along with the timing belt + tensioner + water pump.

The injector pump was renewed 12 years ago at just over 500 k km's plus injectors were done then too.
Apr 28, 2016
Opotiki,Bay of Plenty New Zealand
What do you mean exactly with "chug" ? Do you mean that the rev's are not stayin constant ?
My two cents:
With low ish rev's something like that can happen with my direct injected engine too. It feels like the engine winds up the whole drivetrain - can't make it and bounces back only to start again to wind up the drivetrain. In this (my) case I have insisted in a too high gear for the situation. Backing off the throttle will solve that too.
Although it is generally good to keep all the (engine)maintenance up to date I believe that that problem is more related to the whole drivetrain behind the flywheel.
All freeplay there is added up and can give you all sorts of different oscillations. Have you checked for play in clutch, gearbox, driveshaft, rear diff, halfshafts, even rear u bolts and spring bushes ? Oh,.. just realised that you have a 80 series .... in that case, if you have permanent 4wd, all the same applies to the front end aswell.
I once had it quite bad with my old 109 Landrover and it disapeared after fitting new tyres .....

Now I've written quite a bit without knowing yet what you mean with 'chug' ...
Jun 27, 2007
because it's non-turbo it will feel slow. but once they get up to speed there pretty good and holding power when pulling a trailer.
I've driven lots of 1hz non-turbo and 2H.

check your air and fuel systems. (air in injection pump)

blocked air can cause it to feel really slow
bad injection pump settings can also cause poor performance
keep an eye on what kind of smoke is coming out of the tailpipe both on load and under load

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