What can I do to increase GAS mileage.

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Nov 29, 2005
Pocatello, ID
Ok, I have an 84 fj60 and its getting bad gas mileage. It only has 120 on the motor. It has a k&n air filter but it doesnt seem to help. What can I do?
It's hard to say what you mean by "bad" gas mileage. Gasser 60s all get "bad" gas mileage, so the question is, how bad?
Yeah, how bad?

I would say that if you are doing 10-12mpg, then it can be improved. But if you are in the 15 range, you better be looking for some downhills to coast on. Air up your tires, go with bigger tires (but stay narrow), tune up, desmog if you can in your state, get a carb rebuild. I don't think a K&N will be the magic bullet; you probably will not tell the difference.

dabruin15 said:
Ok, I have an 84 fj60 and its getting bad gas mileage. It only has 120 on the motor. It has a k&n air filter but it doesnt seem to help. What can I do?

Tell us about the truck. What size tires? Any modifications other than the K&N?

Tune up is the first place to start if it hasn't been done in a while. Plugs, wires, rotor, adjust timing, adjust valves. All stuff you can do yourself, and not much money.
How many miles you get on a tank? What do you call bad mileage? 15mpg?

Make sure it is tuned up and running good is about your best bet for improving the mileage.

The K&N only boosts the horsepower at the rear wheels around 80 hp but does not change the gas mileage.
Fuel economy is not the strong suit of these trucks. Either get accustomed to "bad gas mileage" or get a small commuter to knock around in. Outside of a normal tune up, there isn't anything else to do. If you have much of a work commute, an FJ60 is not the car for you!
As stated above by everyone. You know this isnt a civic right? 15MPG max. I get about 12.

You get used to it, if you have a long commute to work buy a $500 beater car and drive it to work. At least gas isn't real high anymore.

Get us more details like asked for above and then maybe we can help more.
Teflon paint???
Less aggressive tires. Taller, narrow tires (depending on your driving), anticipating stops/goes, lighter right foot, tuneup, make sure everything is lubed.

I'm sure that there are other things, but those should help a little.

As stated: these trucks aren't really very economical, but you can help a little.

Or you can swap in a diesel motor. That'll help a lot.
Or you could lower it, its spring under so toss some 3 inch blocks on there, get some of those flat salt flat racing wheels. Go speed racer go!
Hahahaha i just got the mental image of a 5000 pound cruiser flying off into oblivion when the wind hits the sail just right. Id put a little chair up top and get a buddy to sit up there and work the sails.
10mpg in town and 12mpg on the highway going an indicated 55mph (really about 65mph). 33's and 2.5" lift and no roof rack. FJ60 (non EFI and no overdrive) with 135K on the clock. I haven't given it a tune up in nearly 15K miles... probably time.

4500lb bricks just don't get good gas mileage :crybaby: . But they can go anywhere and can haul lots of stuff.
I have heard that if you put the cruiser up on blocks you can get up to 40mpg out of it. ;)

:rolleyes: I get between 9 & 11mpg w/ a TBI350/700r4..... I can get as low as 15mpg in my 24V cummins around town ;p I must drive too fast :grinpimp:
I consistantly get 14mpg city and around 16mpg hwy. That is with the car completely empty (just myself), tires aired up to the max, headlights are off and so is the blower fan. This is with stock 235/70R15 tires, old igntion components, and a bad alignment. I'm hoping to get better fuel mileage as soon as I get my new 235/85R16 tires and fix the toe out.

My girlfriend's Jetta TDI of course gets much better mileage!
The key to getting great mileage with a 60 is to have a neighboor without a locking gas cap. It was amazing I went from 12MPG to almost 30 MPG. I just do 5 gallons a day, so he will never notice. His mechanic can't figure out why his new fancy smanchy truck is only getting 8-10 MPG.

After a recent tune-up, Jim C. carb rebuild and replacing lots of smog equipment and vacuum tubes I'm getting about 17 MPG average running 31's, everything else stock. Not great, but it proves that 60's can do better than 10mpg.

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