What big ticket PM needed for 500,000 mile lifespan?

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May 31, 2010
There has been a lot of threads about how long these trucks can last. I think they are designed well and if we do our part they can keep rolling for a good while. I have 340,000 on my daily driver and know it will be "used up" at some point. But seeing as I am not really excited about anything else except a mid wheel base 70 i am going to have to keep my 80 for a while. I put about 15-20K a year on it and figure if i can make it last to 500,000 it would give me another 8 years or so. This would be great and should put me in a good spot to have a new house, workshop and pick up a 70.

I am firm believer in good PM using good OEM parts. I would like to not get into a motor rebuild, motor swap or transmission replacement. Lets keep that for another thread. I know basic PM will keep a lower mileage truck going strong. But looking at keeping a high mileage truck going strong is there any big PM projects that i should be considering? Really talking about the less common things but areas that would have exceeded there life span per Toyota. Obviously everyone will say HG, collant system, brake system, Birfileds and i have already done all of that. Some of those several times.

Two thinks that come to mind would be the steering box. Figure mine has 340,000 on it. Leaks a little, might go fine for another 150,000 but that is asking a lot for old rubber seals and gears. Also was thinking that original third members might like a refresh at somepoint. Thats just a lot of time spent with two gears running on each other to ask of them. I would rather approach this as PM before things fail. I know all the normal PM stuff that needs to be done and i keep up with that. I figure in a few years i might do another full coolant system, oil pump seal, altenator brushes again, starter again, powers stearing pump again and so on. I have one of the last new OEM distributers in box waiting but the original one works fine for now. Is there any larger deeper PM items that i should put on my "schedual" to be rebuilt for a extended milage truck?
You can only prevent D so much. Sht will fail unplanned. Go with what your time and budget allows. Each owner and 80 is unique singularly and in combination.

All the info anyone would need is already here on 80 mud.

Good luck.
Following. I have 351,000 miles on my jalopy and want to keep the ol’ gal going.
Don't fix it if it isn't broke. Why spend big $$$$ on pm if it isn't broke.

If your really driving 15-20k miles a year than anything could happen any time you drive it. It would suck if you spent $2,000.00 on a new steering box and than totaled the rig a week later.

We never know what life has in store so I recommend fixing parts when they fail because the truck might burn to the ground or get totaled any time you drive it.

I put about $5,000 in my last 91 replacing parts that still worked only to have some idiot cut me off and total my rig. Lesson learned for me.
nice name....I am looking at a higher milage truck as well so I am following this thread.
I'm at 310k on my FZJ and my plan is to just run it as long as it wants to go. Did a major "refresh" of the cooling system, most commonly leaking oil seals, new starter, alternator, PS pump, etc so I'm not too worried about much else. Original HG but if it made it this far I would not replace it as PM. Valve stem seals are bad and I burn some oil and smoke at start up but not worth the effort to fix.

I am going to rebuild another 1FZ-FE I have on an engine stand, so if this one goes, I have one ready to go back in. At that point, I would turbo it and try to make the 80 highway drivable again.
Replace rubber stuff every 20 years is a good plan. If you get a leak fix it. Change the fuel filter. And put money aside for at least an upper end rebuild to treat yourself at 500k. I don't think the miles matter as much as time and environment.
Mercedes Benz 606 engine transplant. I know, I know you said no engine/drivetrain talk. I’m at 340k and holding for a top end refresh and new wiring harness To be completed. First time I have agreed to let my mechanic do the easy stuff without me.
nice name....I am looking at a higher milage truck as well so I am following this thread.
Thanks, I love the bike but have her in storage in my step dads garage, having a hard time bringing myself to sell it. Its a 01, this picture it is wearing a extra set of 03 body work i had as spare so i could store the original body work.
not big ticket items but, regular oil changes with good oil & avoid changing oil types / brands especially in motors, OEM parts (especially filters) and treat it right ie, dont race the engine when cold, give it time to warm up properly, always use good quality fuels.
Learn as much as you can about maintenance etc - its not that difficult working on these trucks.
At the end of the day if something is to go wrong it will but doing the above will help greatly
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