what batteries do i need?

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Oct 15, 2009
hello, just need a couple batteries to get by for a few days, maybe longer. what size does a bj 60 need? 750 cca minimum i'm thinking? I'm told group 27. i dont even know what that means...

also, i hear these start in tandem and run/charge in parallel?


*warning* electrically challenged at large here...
I'm not positive on a 60, but I replaced the battery on my 62 today. It is a group 27, which is simply the size of the battery. I got an Optima, which isn't the standard lead plate battery, rather a liquidless battery. They're supposed to be the best out there, and only around $40 more than the reg. batteries. I'm going to do research on the style so I know how it works. Unfortunately, idk about the dual battery setup. Still doing research on that too for my own rig.....
I have twin 800cca optimas. fantastic. If you're just needing to get by, and you are in your summer, then a single 750cca group 27 will get you by until winter.

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