What are the symptoms of bad valve clearances? (1 Viewer)

May 14, 2009
Bundaberg, Queensland
Hi guys,
I have a flutter/miss that occurs randomly but disapears at more than 1000rpm when driving once warm.
Plug #1 is dark, plug #2 is dark and wet from fuel, plugs 3,4,5,6 are nice light grey.
#2 has the worst compression but only just out of max variation spec.
If I had a couple of burnt valves wouldn't it miss at all revs? Still has plenty of power when driving just a bugger at low rpm.

I have replaced everything electronic and electric to eliminate them, all I'm left with is valves. Not HG related either.

PSI figures
#1 -170psi
#2 -152psi
#3 -170psi
#4 -160psi
#5 -158psi
#6 -170psi

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