What are the differences between Birfield part numbers 43405-60070 and 43405-60080 ?

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Dec 10, 2007
Birfield CV joint part number 43405-60070, the birfields used in US spec FZJ-80's between 1/95 and 1/98, and number 43405-60080, the birfields used between 4/94 and 1/95, have slight differences best as I can tell. I'm writing this thread to ask if anyone knows any of the specifics or why the part may have been changed after just a short run of 8-9 months?

Looking at a non-OEM 43405-60080 it appears to have a beefier bell with a different contour both around the inner lip and outer circumference of the bell. The star has a different contour of the top surface (small bolsters). The weight of the -60080 (7lbs 12 oz) feels heavier than the -60070 as I remember that one.

Anyone got a spare -60070 (stock 95-97) birf laying around they can weigh and get some measurements from??

Approximate measurements of a non-OEM 43405-60080:

Diameter of bell at flats: 100.5mm

Diameter of bell (full): 105mm

Height of bell (top lip to bottom ABS ring): 70mm

Length of splines: 43mm

Length of shaft: 178mm

Length of Birfield: 248mm

Diameter of ABS ring: 84.25mm

Diameter at shaft bearing surface: 33.50mm

Diameter mid-shaft 31.50mm

Diameter of shaft at splines: 32.75mm
Well I have a 97 and needed to change out my birfs do I bought a set of 95s (I think) with the ABS ring. Turns put that in order to use them you need a thicker flange plate. A quick trip to SOR and I can now use ANY year Birf. I don't have any info other then that cuz I'm no Birf expert. :p
The difference is the later have 10mm longer spline but also the spline angle is 60 degrees as opposed to the shorter one has 45 degrees. Thus the free wheeling hubs don't fit the longer spline and the later fixed drive hubs don't fit the shorter CV.
I have been doing a lot of research on this lately since they have the exact interchange part numbers. the two part numbers seem to be the exactly the same part. 43405-60080/43405-60070 cross reference into each other.

Both of these part numbers reference to the same aftermarket part such as HDK TO30A48





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