What am I missing? '91 FJ80 Speed Sensor/Cable Sleeve

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Aug 31, 2015
Memphis, TN
Hey guys,

I'm almost done base lining my '91 FJ80 but am a little stumped by one of the last issues. The speedometer did not work when I got it. At first I was hoping it would be a bad cable but once I got up under it I noticed I had a different issue.

The speed sensor that the cable goes into was hanging off of the sleeve on the transfer case. I removed the sensor and sleeve with cable gear to clean them up and get a closer look. It seems like I am missing a piece that links the speed sensor to the cable sleeve and gear.

1. What is the "connecting link" that I am missing, and does it have a part number
2. How does the speed sensor stay connected to the cable sleeve?

Any diagrams of any kind would be great.

Thanks guys.



OK the more I look at it, it seems like the large nut and coupler was supposed to be permanently attached to the speed sensor. I'm thinking there was some kind of shaft that went between the speed sensor and cable sleeve? Would this come with a new speed sensor? (EDIT: I'm seeing the sensor is discontinued.. oh great)
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I also realize that the speedo cable will connect directly to the sleeve if I bypass the cruise control speed sensor, but can someone confirm for me that the sensor is supposed to have some kind of shaft coming out of it? Thanks.
I have a extra one sitting on the work bench from my recent t-case swap. If your interested send me a pm.

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