Wet Tie Arms?

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Mar 24, 2005
Boulder / Frisco, CO
Read up on a power steering leaks, but wasn't sure if that'd be causing this on the outside of the tie rod.

Looking for a few second opinions from others. See attached...

looks like power steering fluid is leading from the end seal in the rack, and working it's way through the boot and exiting where the boot clamps around the inner tie rod. If you aren't losing too much fluid from the PS reservoir, then consider adding some of the off the shelf stop leak to the system to swell up the seals a bit (I recommend Blue Devil ). At some point in the future it will get worse requiring a rack replacement - however you may get many more years out of it--- if you can live with a bit of seepage.
Thanks for the replies - confirmed suspicion and read up on other steering leak threads.

Have some AT-205 leak stop in hand to give some life to the seals. Will then flush the fluid after driving it a bit to give a good baseline.

... Will clean and see if the issue stops.
The AT-205 was a good choice.

Make sure to clean the reservoir, if screen clogged. Screen in the bottom that gets clogged up, if PS fluid not regularly flushed.

Reservoir holding the level you set or not, will be telling. The boot likely has fluid lying in it, so may keep leaking form it.

Also make sure your suction and return hoses are not weeping fluid. Very common for leak from above, make rack appear to be leaking.

If gear sin rack & pinion tight and leak stopped. Then no need to replace.

Wonder on HWY can be sign of a few things. One of which may be clue that rack mounting bushing are shot. Those can be replace to really tighten up the HWY feel/handling.

If you get into South Denver, bring it by. I'll inspect front-end & engine if you like. Just PM me your email, I'll respond!

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