Wet spot right rear

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Guys would greatly appreciate your help. Discovered the carpet below the right rear passenger is wet. Searched the forum somewhat, but found nothing on wet spots in this location.
check the drain plugs in the rocker panels...
could be sunroof leak...
just a guess.
Just a thought but i was having leaking issues also. Searched, called, scratched my head for ever. Finally took the door panel off and found out that when the previous owner had installed speakers he had ripped the plastic behind the panel which allowed water to drip through the pannel onto the floor. So, have you checked the plastic behind the panel to make sure it's sealed?
Guys - thanks.

Concretej - will check door panel. I did replace the speakers and had to take my power saw to the doors to have the new speakers fit.
Pull the plug on the rocker pannel (under door). I bet its full of water.
Do/did you hear sloshing?
[quote author=Junk link=board=2;threadid=9458;start=msg82634#msg82634 date=1072898247]
read the subject and thought you were talking about Rogue's momma again.

Me too. :flipoff2:
Pull the rear inside pannel(under rear cargo area window)and see if there is water in the rear qt pannel. I had water in mine.
I had water under my rear windows. I found the rear sliding windows leaked. It was all rusted under there so I had my uncle sand it and reprimer it.

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