Wet Okole Seat Covers???

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Apr 28, 2007
Inlet Beach, FL
Hey guys,

My stock seat covers are starting to rip and I would really like to get something to "save" them until I can completely redo the set. I had a set of the Wet Okole's in my 85 pickup and loved them. Anybody here have Okole's in their 40??

Any other ideas would be great. I don't want to spend over $250 and my back seats are in great shape. I know there are other threads on seats but not much on the Okole's.
80 not 40

I have them on my front seats in my 80. I picked a grey with lighter grey piping. The construction is outstanding, the fit even better. I have had them on for over three years now and they still oook like new, they are easy to clean.

I would recommend them to anyone.
Thanks Str. Yeah, I had them on the bucket seats in my pickup and loved them. I might just pick up a set.
glad you guys like em...i was not impressed for the price paid. they rip easy, the slightest bit of dirt on your hands transported to them, they take forever to dry, and while they did a great job protecting the seat from water, you end up sitting in a bowl of the same water. fit was great tho. once mine started to rip, i did duct tape on the back side, but as soon as you pull the seat cover, the tape falls off.

it's made of wet suit material, so you might check at a local dive shop and see if they can recommend anything.
I've had a set in my 4Runner for at least 4 years. They don't look new, but they have held up. No issues, except I need to clean them.

WetSkinz makes an awesome set...the pic i posted is from my Taco, but wanted you to see the quality
Two words on the Wet Okole covers on a vinyl/leather seat, Swamp Ass!

Nuther problem will be getting them to make a set for the 40. They only make them going back to 1981 or newer vehicles without giving them the seat IIRC, at least last time I checked with them.

I had a set on a few cars, they were great, the build quality was great, and the fit was excellent. I haven't had a set in about 6 or 7 years so I can't attest to the quality these days, but they always made a quality product in the past.

Now, that being said, if you want a temp set until the re-cover, get a set of cheap-o covers and save the pile of $$$$$ that Wet Okole charges for a set of Shane's (Aatlas1x) repro covers for $575. They are the balls.

Shane's covers

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