Wet headliner and A-pillars

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Apr 19, 2009
After several days of rain, I've been noticing dampness down both a-pillars, as well across the entire border where the headliner and windshield meet. The fabric on the A-pillars is stained, so I'm guessing water has been leaking here for a while. Is this likely two seperate leaks concerning the rain gutters and the windshield gasket, or one leak? The truck is pretty much rust free aside from some spots here and there, some hairlines below the chrome on the roof. It does appear to have been repainted, so I'm really hoping I'm not dealing with a totally rusted out windshield beneath the gasket. In any case, I need to address this and am wondering how best to do that.

Man, I really need more expendable cash for this thing.

Reseal gutters,easy but a little bit of time required.New glass gasket -use a good glass shop,not one that comes to the house. MIke
Have the same issue, just need to fix it. Here's a post from awhile back I posted about this:
Sounds like it's more than likely our sealant in our rain gutters, whether or not if you have a roof rack or not, sounds like at their age this starts happening, which can be corrected by scraping out the old and putting new sealant down. If your windsheild was ever replaced, the installer may of not used silicone to seal the gasket. Gonna pull my rack and check the gutter sealant for cracks or holes. Here some links below. One person suggested "3M Seam Sealer. It comes in a tube and is found a automotive paint supply places."




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