wet floor board

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Dec 6, 2008
Well I'm not real sure what's causing it but I think it might be my window seal. Every time it rains and I go out to my 62 my passenger side front floor board will be soaked. I really need to figure this thing out before it rusts out. Any ideas, I'm sure someone else has had this problem.
window seal
seam seal leak behind fender
heater core leak
all possible causes
Window seal. Had the same problem. Just park at the baseball park for a while. Hint Hint....
I had that problem. Mine turned out to be dirt and leaves compacted around the cabin fresh air inlet that is on the passenger side right below the windshield. Then, when it rained hard, the water built up until it leaked inside the passenger side of the cabin. You will also want to pull your carpet back and check underneath that big plastic plug in the floorboards where they slope up toward the front. Mine had some rust under it.
Take a water hose & tape it to the roof near where you get the water puddle at.
Turn hose on getting a slow stream.......

Get in on the drivers side & start looking for drips:)

You may need to remove trim or look under the dash area for where its coming in....

One area to look at is the seam near the rain gutter above the doors to the side of the WS frame..... you may noticed the sealer is cracked in these area's.

Good luck!
I have the same problem with my HJ61 after the windshield change and I know whats causing it in my case;
The new windshield is only ALMOST the same shape as the original, but not quite.
This causes in my case, that when it rains, the lower left corner window seal is not keeping the water out
and the floorboard under my feet gets wet. OH JOY!

Should´ve gone with the OEM windshield, but it costs at least 4 times as much as the aftermarket one so I
went cheaper and thought "it´s glass all the same and big name manufacturers sure know their sh%t" ...wrong!

But yeah, check the window seals first, and maybe the rubber seals (or hats) that are in the firewall (on the motor side) where the electric wires go through into the cabin. The seals/hats may allow water and grit get in to the cabin through the same hole that the wires go through.
You sure it is water? Check your clutch fluid levels...

FJ62's are automatics. Break and (if so customized on a 62) clutch master cyl are on drivers side firewall. My guess is window seal. Only other thing it might be would be coolant from a leaky heatercore. But that would have a distinct odor.
reviving an old thread,,, 88 fj62, I just had a new windshield installed with a new gasket, and they extra sealed it....

I still have a leak that comes in at the stitched seam just above the A pillar handle on the drivers side, usually when I am driving in the rain, but last night we got 3 inches and there was a puddle on the floor in the AM. I used household caulk to seal the rain gutter back to the front of the back door, so about half way back, I removed the chrome strips on the rain gutter

I have driven in the rain and not had a drop of water come thru, and then other times I get what seems like a gush of water, then it stops.... any ideas would be great
I had a similar issue with water on the pass side. There was a rubber plug on the firewall that was slightly pushed out and leaking water.
Check your rain gutters
Windshield gasket = #1 probable cause
Gutter caulking cracked = #2 probable cause
Heater core or hose leak = #3 probable cause
windshield gasket is new along with some sealant, guy came out 2 times,,,
gutters caulked with home window style caulk but I will re check
on drivers side, and only when rains, I can see drip from the sewn seam just above the handle on the A pillar

water on the passenger side is condensation dripping off the fan box cause it is 87% humidity in GA..

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