Western Westhane Paint?

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Jan 15, 2006
Anyone ever heard of or used this paint on their Cruiser? I bought it but haven't sprayed it yet. It is supposed to be as durable as Imron. Its a thick Urethane paint. They didn't have a formula for the Toyota Freeborn red T309, but they had a color swatch book that had what looked to me to be the exact same color......... I've got everything completely apart and completely sanded, so hopefully this weekend! Whats the best way to paint these things. Just hang all the parts from the ceiling? I was thinking I might put the top partially back on but prop it up like 4" above the tub and windshield so I could paint the lips and fold the windsheild either way during painting..
I think I would paint all the edges, windsheild top and bottom and tub lip, let it dry then remount the top and shoot the whole thing.

If you were painting the inside of the tub then I would do that first with the top off.

Freeborn red is a great color. My son talked me into it, I wanted Dune Beige but the red came out nice. (my 72 will be Beige)

I used PPG Single Stage Acrylic but from what I hear the Urethane is much tougher.

My painter came over tonight to look at my body work and sanding work. With SOA, I cant get it in and out of the garage with the top on, so we are just going to set the top on some 50 gallon barrels and shoot it that way. We'll set the fenders, hood, aprons etc on some saw horses. We are shooting etching primer, then filler primer, then sealer then the Westhane color. This urethane paint is supposed to be pretty tough. We'll see. Doubt it will resist rocks, but it might resist branch scratches.......
That's a Sherwin Williams product...
From what I understand, Wes-thane is a colorant for the refinish system (Western is the refinish system). You don't use this straight as a coating.

The Western single stage is an ENAMEL. The clearcoat for the Basecoat-Clearcoat system is a URETHANE.

It seems as though you are going through a lot of work in preparation, it's my opinion that you shouldn't go cheap on the paint. If you are going with a single stage (no clear coat), then I would use a different refinish system - a Urethane system (enamels and lacquers are not nearly as durable).

I have no experience with the Wes-thane paint, so please check to make sure this info is accurate. Go to an automotive refinish outlet to get more information, or call Sherwin Willams directly. You can also try other refinish systems from PPG, Sikkens, Dupont, etc.

I don't want to put doubt in your plan, just trying to bring up some info so you can ask some questions that you may not have considered yet.

Good Luck and have fun
yes it is a Sherwin Williams product. It is an enamal urethane paint that is single stage, and it is the topcoat not just the color according to what the Sherwin Williams rep told me anyways. I have the product data sheet on it, I'll have to look at it again.

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