West Virginia Mud!!!

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Mar 1, 2007

I would like to post some pics for everyone, but just can't get them down to size, any ideas?

This video was shot in an area we refer too as Bogger Hill. I usually do not like to subject the Cruiser to alot of mud, but in my area of the country it is hard to avoid. I usually carry a warn 8000i in a cradle, i like this set up better because you have winch access on both ends of the vehicle. Since i did not plan on doing much this particular day it was left at home.

We had one other vehicle with us that day, a 1995 Ford Bronco. The driver of the Ford is an absolute mad man behind the wheel, you might remember from the previous rock crawlin vid. This is the footage of him that day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crAYvaiIiDo.

I seem a little pissed in the first video because of the lack of extraction equipment. We had no winch, a overheating bronco, and no other way around. I blew my head gasket in this very same area just 6 months ago trying to get my Cruiser out with my Dad who is in his 70's, we both had to walk out of there. I did not want that to happen again.

This particular hole really was not that bad, but because of the circumstances i was a little cranky. I always keep the winch in the Landcruiser now.:)
Sometimes you just need to get on the skinny pedal. Nice video.
Man you wound that thing out! Was that in lowrange?
I h8mud. I give that bronco 3-4 more years on that motor at most.
classic: ":D That was a mistake....we're going to need the cruiser"

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