Wanted West: 80 series/ lx 450/ 100 series/ LX 470

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX450
Hey I'm looking for 1995-1997 80 series or 1996-1997 LX 450. Or, I'm looking for a 100 series/LX 470 up to 2002. I'm located in The Bay area but I have friends up and down the west coast that could check out your vehicle. I'm not too picky about color.
are you still after a cruiser? considering selling our '06 LX470. just turned 100k, clean, all maintenance. it's the off white color. new skins. tow pkg. all the stuff.
Currently going through a 2001 LC that was built for serious overlanding, not a family hauler. Over $100k invested and used for what it was built for. Received as a trade so don't plan to keep long. Have a crate full of new OEM parts to restore it for a new owner. Let me know if this sounds remotely like what you are looking for and I can send details. Happy hunting...

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