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Jul 31, 2006
Warrenton, VA
We've been super busy lately and I've been slacking with updates here and YouTube videos. We've been working on undergoing an expansion. Several years ago we filtered our services down to only working on Land Cruisers because we didn't have the space or man power to work on anything else. We had a super long back log as it was with Cruisers. Toward the end of last year we started taking steps to change that. We've improved efficiencies and added more people to help with moving work through the shop. The biggest change is that I'm not in the office anymore. Cody is answering the phones and emails (and has been for the last few months). That freed me up to get back in the shop where I belong. With the expansion we've opened services back up to all Toyota/Lexus vehicles and we've brought back the hybrid repair side of things. The only downside is that the expansion to the space that was being used for exhaust fabrication. So no more stainless exhaust, but way more time for repair and maintenance. If things stay on track we'll be looking for another technician in the next couple of months. If you're looking for a change of shops or know someone who is, give us a call. Check out our revamped website to get a glimpse of what we're offering for Cruisers and the rest of their Toyota siblings. And last but not least, Thanks to everyone for the support over all these years. We wouldn't be expanding if it wasn't for all of our awesome customers!!

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