Went wheeling at lunch=tortured shriek of steel!

Apr 12, 2005
Seattle, WA
There's a dirt road right off a main throughfare here in town that's been bugging me since I moved here. Today, on the way to the post office at lunch, I veered off and finally explored it!

It goes up a hill, flattens out a hair, then goes across a creek and up more hill. I always carry my winch, Hi-Lift and a new Master-Pull rope since the old one is broken, so I said, let's do it.

Totally fun! Crossing the creek, someone had placed branches and small logs across it, which were now slick as snot and moss covered. Got across with throttle, hoping to get past the mud bog, made it 80%, slid left, got bogged. Fired up the Warn M12000 winch, broken synthetic rope and the tree saver. It was all winch from three different trees up to a small flat area. Did a bitch of a turn around and went back down. Controlled fine to the water, throttled across to avoid the bog, and slid right and hit a moss-covered tree. Momentum did some damage until I stopped and winched up and away from the tree, and wheeled out of there.

A very nice lunch break and recommended (wheeling at lunch, not body scrapage) for anyone. :D Anyone in Gig Harbor or near, let me know I'll tell you where this cool spot is.

Some photos!


Yours in wheeling,
Jul 10, 2006
North Pole, AK
Ouch! Nothing like body damage for lunch! Looks like fun though. The wife would kill me if I tried that in her 80. Looks green there, I sure miss the grass.

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