Well I got me a BJ 74 - let the work begin

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Jul 11, 2009
Well after looking around for a fill in vehicle while I finish building my BJ 42 I decided upon a MWB Cruiser. I had a look around for a while and ended up buying a 1988 BJ 74 of a local guy.

The BJ74 is a JDM model with the 13BT, Factory PTO and Auto. It has under 200 000 km on it (according to the speedo) so it still young in most terms.

The poor old girl has not seen a lot of love over the years and is in need of some TLC and servicing. Not to mention a full list of modifications to make it drive worthy.

Anyway here she is..

Came with 33" tyres and a 2" lift.

And a very interesting front bar, straight to the pool room for that one me thinks.

So the plan is:

Clean it,
Service it,
Bar it,
35" it,
Drive it.

Simple really ...

A few other post I have added to make stuff easier to find:

Fitting Factory Flares

Remove Birfield from Axle
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Wow, interesting front bar. Looks like the PO stole the hook off a crane for the winch too.

Definitely got potential though...
Sweet find! 13bt and PTO, awesome. That front bar definately is "interesting". :lol:
Give her some fresh fluids and drive the heck out of it!
Nice rig mate I was thinking it looked very Aussie spek the I read straight to the pool room and now realize it is , pretty cool to have two generations or short / mid wheel base cruisers
nice rig, i dont mind that front bar its better than the old shiney jap ones
I cut that front bar off the other day, it weighed more than the bull bar I put on in its place.

I have a BJ 40, BJ42, BJ 42.5 and a BJ74, had an 80 series but it just wasn't for me... Not enough square panels.
When I saw that front bar I have to wonder just how tall do kangaroos grow down there. Nice rig...................1978HJ45

you need a good front bar if you ever travel out of the city/suburbs from sun down to sun up or there feeding time, they hear or see you comming pack themselfs hop across the road get more scared and go back to there last "safe spot" and get flattened hoping back,(were there is one there is another). people usually crash more trying to avoid them than driving straight or hitting them
It is the same way here at home except we are dealing with white tail deer. You hit the deer and suffer minor damage or you attempt to miss the deer and go off the road and destroy the vehicle. I however have solved the problem with my HJ45 because it goes so slow the animal should bounce off with only a slight bruise. .........................1978HJ45
Well I went shopping and picked up a few bits I was missing, should have them cleaned up and fitted this weekend.

Snorkel Time

Well you can't have a cruiser without a snorkel ...

Pictures tell the story ..

As it started

Airbox out

Template on

Cut some 83mm holes

Once cut give it a touch up to get the shape correct


Bolt the snorkel on !!.
Almost forgot .. modify the air box and re-fit.

This will not be staying as it is a STUPID design. I will weld some 3" tube into the side and connect the snorkel direct to the airbox so I can keep mt regulator and windscreen bottle in the factory location.

This will also take out a heap of bends and complications that do not value add to the snorkel function.

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