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Sep 28, 2004
Spokane, WA
I want to build a weldernator. I have a externally regulated Alt. from a 1973 piggy. My questions are:

How many amps would this alt put out? I'd like to have about 70amps.

Should I stick to this:
On-Board Welder

More links

From what I can figure, the Piggy alt is 55amps. I don't think that is enough. Can it be increased? Is it cheaper than buying the correct alt?
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The Toyota alternator looks a little puny to weld with. Just get a "large case" Ford or Motor craft alternator in the junk yard. Most are 90 or 105 A units.
A cut and paste from my welder build :D

Im using a 97 amp Ford externaly regulated alt without a regulator.I think I remember the application being for a Lincoln Mk7.To mount it I used the stock air pump mount bracket for the lower mount and a piece of .25x1x3"steel hooked to the bottom bolt of my Gm alt for the upper mount.



I get 101v at 2k RPM and 40v at idle.

This is the control box.It used to be an OSHA approved foot pedal cover I got out of the trash and cut down :D


And the one time I have used it :hillbilly:I broke a front shackle the afternoon of the first day of our 3 day trip.We finished the trail and I took it apart when we got back to camp.I cleaned the break a little with a file,clamped the two pieces to a piece of steel,spun the engine up to 2500 or so,and went to town . It worked great,it got pleanty hot with good penetration (I used 6013 rod).

We wheeled part of Dusy Ershim the next and the weld survived .


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