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Sep 11, 2006
Central Coast California(Orcutt)
Thought it would be nice to include a Local Club House for those of us right here on the Central Coast of California. Mostly pertaining for those of us in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties but also including those of you as far south as Ventura and north Monterey counties as well!.... Going to see how this goes and grows, also going to have to schedule a meet and greet in the near future! Don't have a date set but a Turf N Surf meet and greet could work well since so many of us get together around that time anyways. Always looking for feed back and check out the Face Book page and our Web page and web store www.centralcoastlandcruisers.com www.facebook.com/CentralCoastLandCruisers?ref=hl if you get the chance and as always, Welcome. -Joe-
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Nov 19, 2004
San Luis Obispo
Nice intro Joe. I am another local in the Central Coast Land Cruisers and am looking forward to a meet and greet as well. I know most of the Land Cruiser owners from our county personally but am always down for more wheeling trips and BBQ's!
Let's get a local trail run planned soon and like Joe said, if you're on FB check out the C.C.L.C. page for updates/contacts/local cruiserheads.:D

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