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Sep 1, 2015
Lake Eufaula, OK
Hey Welcome home and to the Mud group. I did a bunch of training in Fort Lewis with the rangers instructing. Was one hell of a big base for this small town guy. I live here on Vancouver Island BC Canada wife and dog. If you ever want a road trip your welcome here just email me before coming. Im building a diesel 60 series should have her on the road for Christmas! Well all the best, JIM Infatry Ret
2-75 Bat. I knew more than a few back then. I should have posted my vet status sooner. Would have stopped by. 2 years ago my wife and I took my LX on a 5800 mile trip to Crested Butte, Colorado, got married, next was Moab, then to visit Army brothers in the Pac NW. Spent a week back around Rainier and Ft. Lewis.
Nov 28, 2021
Heart of Dixie
Recently returned to the FJ80 universe after many years away. Here's my introductory post: 3FE Owners Check-In - https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/3fe-owners-check-in.88181/page-114#post-14174188

Air Force ROTC University of Alabama (1988-1992), F-15 Maintenance Officer 1992-1996 (Tyndall AFB, FL), Pilot Training 1996-1997 (Columbus AFB, MS), T-37 Instructor 1997-2000 (Laughlin AFB, TX), C-130H Aircraft Commander 2001-2005 (Elmendorf AFB, AK). OEF Philippines/Afghanistan deployments 2002-2005. Separated active duty 2005, got on with FedEx but finished out with both USAFR from 2005-2011 as Civil Air Patrol/USAFA Liaison then MS ANG (Meridian) from 2011-2015. Retired six years ago.


Laughlin 1997-2000


Alaska 2001-2005


Afghanistan 2004-2005


The 94 FZJ I always regretted selling when we left AK. My wife's all time favorite vehicle. She's glad to have another FJ80 in the family again. Happy wife, happy life!


God bless you all. Thank you for your service. Proverbs 3:5-6

- Sundance

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