Welcome Glenn McAdroy

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Feb 19, 2008
Owner of the shop on James Island that TTAHARA and a couple others have used. He officially joined today and will be at the meeting on Saturday.

Please make him feel welcome as you meet him and if you see him around town....and as always....try to use members and supporters of our club when you get work done or need some advice.

welcome Glenn......glad to have you on board. So when we going to be able to have a HAMOM at your shop one Saturday or Sunday? LOL :D :D
Dang!!!! I didn't get any kind of intro like that! Give me 2 stickers and I'll shut up.
Dang!!!! I didn't get any kind of intro like that! Give me 2 stickers and I'll shut up.

Naw just national publicity. (but I admit well derserved) so chill LMAO see ya all soon. :rolleyes:

Oh and welcome Glenn have heard wonderful things about you lookforward to meeting and talking LC's Doc
Welcome to the club.:bounce::bounce2:
Hope to see you Saturday
Thanks for the warm welcome, as far as the HAMON at the shop, Saturday's are fine with me, just let me know what type of projects ya'll have in mind. I have a great parts suplier that provides me with OEM parts that are typically way less than the dealer. (AISIN,DENSO, etc...) Heres a pic of the 1fz-fe that im building and installing now. See ya'll Saturday
Well the newly installed rebuilt engine runs great with only 1 glitch, the IAC motor was causing the idle to be @ around 450rpm's , removed the IAC motor, removed/dissasembled/cleaned pindle and lubricated the motor bearings and now all is fine. This will now be the rig that is modified, 4" front 3" rear with adjustable front & rear panhards, front lower control arm drop brackets lift kit is ordered and should be here early next week. Still deliberating on the tire choice. BFG KM'2 OR THE Firestone Destination M/T'S. About $45.00 DIFFERENCE between the 2 choices.
Someone asked for pics of the $1500.00 rig i just picked up and am driving currently, here they are along with my current rigs
You are going to sell the black 80? How much?
On my GMC truck I had the Firestone Destination M/T and as you know I have the KM2's. The Destinations were amazing in the mud. They really pulled. I think the KM2's might be quieter but I really liked the Destinations. Hard call but both are great.
I have been doing some research and reading everything I can so when my Nittos are done I can replace them....and going with one of those two if Nitto does not come out with something comparable by then...

I digress....appears KM2 are little quieter, better in rocks but Destinations are better in mud and are generally considered a better overall tire. I used to run BFG and love them but do admit to somewhat of a cult following....I am guilty as well. LOL

I am leaning to the new Destination MT since Bridgestone bought Firestone....at this point. I personally dont think either are a bad choice.
yeah i almost had a set of steelies for $200 brand new off an FJ...but waited too long. I still might do that cuz these Nittos are going to last forever it looks like...over 20,000 and still 75% of tread or more. :D :(
Thanks, As others have stated try using low range in some soft rock or dirt and drive in figure eights slowly with the lockers engaged. If they have not been engaged for years, as most weren't they have a tendency to seize. If they don't engage, we can then address whether its the front, rear, both, electrical or mechanical and then go from there.

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