Weird vibration

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Mar 27, 2003
Gallatin Gateway, MT
I have a weird noise coming from what seems to be the front of the 80. I have the J springs and 1.5" spacers in the front. The noise occurs while driving down hill at 55+ with my foot barely on the accelerator, just at the point where there is no load on the driveterrain. It sounds like air passing over the end of a tube. I can feel the vibration in my feet more than I can hear it. Is this a common noise/problem related to bad birfields? I tried removing the front driveshaft, this reduced the noise only slightly.
Not sure about driveline noise, but I had a weird vibration/noise coming from the wheel well a while back that turned out to be the rubber/plastic shield (for lack of a better description) that's fitted to the back and inside of the wheel well. It had come loose and was wagging back and forth in the wheel well when I got going fast enough. Might want to check that sort of thing out before tearing into anything.

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