Weird 'trickling' noise from behind dash - any ideas?

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Jan 13, 2007
Orange, NSW

I have recently noticed that i am getting what i can only describe as a trickling noise that appears to come from behind the dash around the level of the heater controls.

I have moved to a colder part of Australia - we are almost in winter now (very low teens 'c) and so we are using the heater inside a lot more. Previous we were in a climate usually no less than 15'c and average over 25'c so never used the heater.

Typically the noise occurs after i switch the motor on from cold and turn the heater on, then move off. It sounds under acceleration and is as I describe above. After couple of hundred metres (having gone through the gearbox) it stops.

Is it just the water trickling into the heater matrix..? Is it trying to tell me the heater matrix is knackered..? (I am not losing coolant) or is it something entirely different..?

Thanks ~PHIL
Yep, just the coolant flowing through the heater parts. I think I've read that it could be air in the lines... mine makes the noise and it heats just fine and I don't have (engine) overheating problems so I don't worry about it.
It's air in the heater core causing turbulent coolant flow. I've got a very slow coolant leak so it's my warning tone to check the coolant level :)
Would air inthe system make the car run cooler as a whole..? I have been investigating my cooling system as the car is running too cold IMO. This weekend i replaced the thermostat and the noise was worse afterwards, but it was present before.

I don't think i am losing coolant. I haven't had to fill it up in years!

How do i bleed (burp!) the system..?

Thanks. ~PHIL
This has been covered 5 times in the last 3 months... Use the search function.

Buffalo, it would probably be a really good idea to change your coolant out if what you say is true about not even adding any in years. A coolant system flush is probably way overdue. You can do it for free with a garden hose or you can take it some place. Either way, a good idea.

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