Weird Hard Clunking Sound

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Feb 12, 2006
I have a 92 FJ80... had been driving on bad shocks from some-time so there was a lot of bounce in the car and real deep clunking sound from the rear suspension when it went over uneven surfaces or potholes etc at slow speed.. the slower the speed the more u can feel ... i changed the shocks to rancho rs5000.. so now all the bounce is gone but that irritating clunk sound is still there .... what should I do .. can anyone help.. thanks
check to see if the spare is loose , low on air or flat. Then check the hangers for the tail pipe . If they check out ok move onto checking the bushing in the trailing arms and panhard bars .
Start with the easy stuff 1st
can it be the springs?? the car was driven with bad shocks for sometime and the car was bouncing a lot when I got it ... i did not replace the springs when i put in new shocks ...
i dont have a spare .. the chain is just hanging in the air .... i dont think the chain is making that noise ... it is some suspension type of noise which gets loud when i go over bumps at real slow speed
can anyone help? i want to know how to tell if the rear springs are bad .. what are the symptoms? what are the signs or sounds to look for ? thanks
I would say zip tie up the chain for the spare.
Rear springs wont make that noise .
The panhard bar is the one that runs from the axle to the frame check the bushings that are in the bars that hold the axle in place they run from the frame to right behind the wheels on the axle 2 on the top and 2 on the bottem . while underthere also look at the swaybar bushings .
Pretty much all 91-92's have a "normal", driveline clunk when you get on or off the gas, so make sure it's something other than that.

If so, do what Koffer sez...

it is definitely something other than the normal driveline clunk .. it happens only on bumps and irregular surfaces ... btw how much would it be for replacing rear tie-rods? can i do it myself? how much would the shop charge for this.. thanks
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Loose chain was secured, loose exhaust was repaired and loose running board mounts were removed and the clunk turned out to be the panhard bushings.

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