Weight of 70 Series SWB?

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Mar 20, 2006
Hi folks,

Newbie here but long-time off-roader in Jeeps, Land Rovers etc... am getting seriously interested in LC's and have a friend selling a 1994 70 Series 3.0 turbo diesel. Have also seen very capable 1989 70 Series SWB fully tricked out for Winch Challenges...

What is the weight of the 70 Series SWB models and where can I find technical data? Have searched this and other Forums before you suggest that... nothing came up.
the 1994 KZJ71 weighs net 1780kg and gross 2360kg
the 1994 KZJ78 weighs net 1930kg and gross 2370kg
Cheers... What's the difference between Net and Gross? Is Net the vehicle kerb weight and gross it's weight with maximum payload?

Find it hard to believe it'd be oiled up, tanked up etc as there's 400Kg difference (?!)

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