Weekend Wheelin follow up (w/picks)

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Nov 14, 2004
Kansas City, Missouri
Weekend Wheelin follow up (w/picks & video)

Took the 100 on its maiden voyage to Disney Oklahoma this weekend. I have to say that I was a bit skeptical of how the ATRAC would do after owning a fully locked 80 for several years. Wow was I surprised at how capable my 100 is. Very pleased and do not regrete the choice of my new rig.

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One last picture of my sleeping digs! Had a blast. I also have a sweet video of the ATRAC in action with a big wheel lift that I will post on Youtube and get a link posted for you guys to see.

Awesome man. Now you know how nice traction control is. You can also have lockers - more tools for your off road toolbox. There are places it is more advantageous to use traction control than lockers, and vice-versa. With the 100 you now have more of everything. Good going on the 100. I have been wheeling mine for a while now and I am impressed with the performance even in stock form.
Nice pics and sweet video! Thanks a lot! Truck is looking good man.
Very nice. I too was very happily surprised when my ATRAC was in use for the first time. But thanks to the cool folks on this site, I made the right purchase too - fellow 100 lover.
Did you ever have to put your slider to "use?"
Your rig looks great, thanks for sharing...

I dig pictures!
Did you ever have to put your slider to "use?"

YES! My sliders saved the truck several times over the weekend. Paint was scratched off of the bottom of the sliders in several places. The place we went wheeling had several ledges that caused the use of sliders to come in handy. I dented the main Muffler in a bit and also put a dent in the OEM gas tank skid plate, but nothing that I need to worry about. Not a scratch on the truck other than under it! :) I know that I will be purchasing or making some skid plates soon!
Zane - The rig looks great! Your homebrew sliders are sweet. Thanks for posting pics and enjoy! :cheers:
Awesome!! That's my favorite color on the 100's.
Sweet! I need to get out wheeling soon.
Very nice...great job!

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