weekend camping trip

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Jul 25, 2014
Hello, i have been poking around the forum for a while now but never posted. i have been looking for a 100 series, but yet to find the perfect one with all the great guidance from here. im from the gadsden area, and a couple of my buddies and i would like to go camping for a weekend soon (as primitive as possible)with some light wheeling in his LR, maybe some fishing and hiking. i know a bunch of campgrounds around here, but we are trying to get out as far in the woods as possible (legally), and i was hoping some of yall could point me in the right direction. Thanks!!
Go to Cheaha. It's got all that within walking distance and then take a driving trip down the motorway skyway. About as mild wheeling as you'll find in Alabama. And beautiful.
No prob.
Here's a description, and I think there's a thread on here about it...

legally, there's not much options beyond private offroad parks, and the national forests. Everything else in the state is "posted" even if it's not literally posted... meaning, it's illegal.
Hey, some stocker parks to go to would be Stony Lonesome, it's GREAT for stock 4x4's. And seems desolate once you get in the back.

Also, Hawk Pride Park is great for stock trucks to putt around in, even though it also has big obstacles for the big boys.

An awesome ride is coming up at HPO, but don't think it's an organized event more than a grass roots good ole time.
Come on out!

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