Weber one-piece adapter

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Apr 20, 2005
Prescott, AZ
I didn't see anything in Search on this specific item, but I want to return my Weber 38 to standard height to use my stock air cleaner on my de-smogged '78 FJ40.

To cut down on the possiblity of vacuum leak problems, I'm going with this one-piece pedestal from Man-A-Fre, rather than using 2 or 3 of the usual adpaters all sandwiched together.

Has anyone had any experience with this particular one? If so, what should I be looking out for when installing it??

Also, how much of a pain will it be re-aligning the throttle linkage to match the new height?
HawkDriver said:
That's a nice lookin part. But I'm thinkin it looks TALLER than my 2 piece setup was. Anyone else?

i was going to point that out earlier, but did'nt want to be the first.:flipoff2:
i have a new weber setup under the bench. after stacking the adpters and all the gaskets i ended up with 1 1/8".
but maybe the weber is a shorter carb and needs to be raised in order to use the oem cleaner? reguardless, less gaskets has to be better anyhow.
brian said:
i have a new weber setup under the bench. after stacking the adpters and all the gaskets i ended up with 1 1/8".
This adapter measures 1 11/16" (minus top & bottom gaskets), which is just about the existing gap between the top of the Weber and the bottom of my air cleaner.
Well then, you should be good to go.

They look really nice. I was going to order on next week with a bunch of other goodies from MAF.

The linkage should not be that hard to make work.

Post up some pics when you get this dialed in.

I used a very similar mount sold by JT Outfitters. I know not everyone likes them as a company, but the mount was significantly less $$ than MAF.

Anyway, I ended up converting over to a cable throttle to get rid of my very loose and worn out mechanical linkage. The cable kit cost $20 at the local auto parts and comes with all the cable ends and a built in firewall mount. I cut and rewelded my stock linkage mount for the carb to hold the cable, and added a piece of 3/8 rod to my throttle pedal. See the pictures for what it looks like. It works very well, and a spare cable assembly is only $20 for trail fixes if needed.

Good Luck with your install.

Thanks for the pics, Jeff. Looks like you did a nice clean install. Which air cleaner are you running on your Weber?
Jeff which auto parts store did you get the cable from? Right now I've got mine rigged and yours look a lot safer than my set up. Looks like you cut the pedal at the bend and re-welded the rod, am I right? Thanks Chuck
With the current setup, I'm planning on using the stock air cleaner with modified inlets. You need the adapter on top of the carb to use the stock air cleaner though.

I purchased the throttle cable kit at a local autoparts, Tonys. But I've seen them all around town at various autoparts stores. It is a Spectre brand that is usually hanging on the wall with all the chrome dress up parts and other items like hose covers, etc. It looks like Autozone has it here:|~NONE|~NONE|~NONE|~0.4|~NONE|~W|~SPE|~true

It's Spectre part number 2430, for $19.99. The only item I didn't like was the cheap plastic holder for the carb end of the cable. You can see my solution in one of the pictures. I drilled out the center of a bolt and pushed the cable end into it. The bolt is fastened to my bracket. It's easier to see in the pic than describe quickly in words.

For the throttle pedal I did cut off part of the stock arm, but it was too short to reposition it. I just used some mild steel 3/8 rod from the hardware store to fab a longer piece. Just weld the arm on, and grind the end so that the clevis will fit over it. I even welded on an Audi pedal pad that gives a more curved pedal for a comfortable foot position.

If you need better pictures let me know.


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