Weber Carburetor Compatible with a Rigid Throttle linkage setup

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Oct 4, 2021
Im putting on a Weber 38 on a 76 fj40, I am wondering because the kit provided looked like it was for a cable linkage.

I can not find a rigid linkage kit for one of these carburetor, does anyone know if there is a kit. Or would I have to convert to a cable linkage.
MAF used to offer a rod-linkage Weber setup back in the ‘90s and early 2000s. That was under previous ownership, so I don’t know if it still holds.

IIRC, they took the bellcrank off a stock carb and drilled it out to fit the throttle shaft of the Weber. It certainly didn’t look like rocket science.

I would think once you did that you could just get one of @ToyotaMatt adjustable short links and you could be all set………to run your new toilet bowl. 😛
Irrc weber makes an adapter.
I dont recall what needs to happen, other than it can happen.
This was on 60, but the concept is the same.
Both it and the weber on my 40 met a similar fate.

I would take a rebuilt and modified 61010 or 61011 over a 61012 any day of the week that ends in “Y”.
And I think a lot of my clients would agree.😉

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