Weber 38 won't run w/ idle jet fully seated

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Aug 9, 2005
Cary, NC
The other day I drove the 40 for a few miles and it ran fine. When I pulled in the driveway and was about to turn the engine off, it made a high pitch squeal and then died. The noise was similar to when I had forgot to cap a vacuum port on the carb adapter. I wound up replacing the gaskets between the intake and adapter and the adapter and carb because I was getting a lot of RPM fluctuation when I sprayed carb cleaner in around the base.

This did not fix the issue. She ran like hell if I screwed the mixture screws WAY out and died as I tried to adjust the mixture in. Then, wile running, I unseated the idle jet on the choke side and just a 1/2 out, it started running much better. I took it out and made sure the jet is clean and the o-ring looks fine, but it will not run with that jet fully seated. Runs fine with it about a half turn from seated.

Any ideas? This is time sensative as we have a club ride this weekend in the Outer Banks of NC.

Thanks for any ideas, or suggestions.

:beer: Ramon Weller
Clean the fuel metering orifices and passages in the carburetor.
Thanks Poser. Since I know squat about carbs, could you elaborate on that procedure or maybe point me somewhere that shows how to do this?

:beer: R
From the FAQ <---- this is a link

Should be more than enough.

Looks like it was an intake leak after all. I have previously praised the Remflex gasket, but a piece of it "fractured" away from the top of the intake area and left a gaping hole. I will be installing a Felpro gasket tomorrow.

:beer: R
On your adapter, be sure to sand down the bolts so the gasket will pull down tight! Sometimes when tightened down, the bolts are too long and will bottom out and will create a leak- right off the bat! I have found its best to use a flapper disc on a small grinder and just take them down a little... use a little locktight NEVER any type of silicone. Then love your weber I love all of mine ;)

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