Webbing to hold Jerry Can in place?

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Sep 2, 2008
Tulsa, OK

Where did you get your webbing to hold your jerry can in place? The strap I tried to use sucks and doesn't hold it tight... I was told you can get some that are kinda like a 4-point seat belt that span off horizontally around the can as well as up/down.


REI sells nylon cinch straps with toothed, sprung retainers, in various lengths. Look in the kayak dept. That's what I use to secure Scepter cans in my MAF 4+ basket.


If you want a good strap call these guys: Straps / Buckles

We have been using their straps for rafting for decades now. In fact they usually last decades. They hold very well, wet or dry, snug down nicely. They now make them in just straight straps or the loop straps as you can see from the page I linked. The straps are color coded for lenght which is handy when looking for strap of a certian length.

They use Ancra buckles and have since they started making rafting gear. They are the best cam buckle you can get as far as I am concerned. You used to be able to just get buckles from them. Then you can make your own custom straps.

the loop straps are nice if you have a pipe or rounded bar to loop them around, then they don't come off.

NRS also sells good rafting straps, but we have always preferred the Down River Equipment straps, buckles just seem better usually.
plain ol' ratchet strap tie-down for me..
I have never had a problem with any old cheapass strap holding a fuel can in a fuel can bucket mount. Lots of years, lots of cans and rigs and lots of miles. Are you securing the can in a mount or just strapping it to something?

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If you want to go metal and have the bucket-style carrier, twin cities surplus in Reno, NV sells them for $20 for two sets. They have a latch that is also lockable.
Like this...
yeah, hubby's were stolen in Moab :mad:

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