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Oct 12, 2005
Ok kids, here's the scoop - we can do a website for ourselves pretty easily. The URL "steelcitylandcruisers.com" is available, and we can get it for 4 years for $56. Hosting can be done through Pair, for as little as $54/a year. That would net us 250MB space, 10 mailboxes (we could have our own club email!) and FTP access (that last one only really matters to me).

So we're looking at an initial outlay of about $130.00 for everything. This is open to discussion.

I'm all for the idea of a website.

I am willing to kick in, though first I'd like to investigate if we can keep costs down: I wonder if there are any resources among us to do away w/ the hosting fee. Anyone? Scott?

That's the more expensive part since it's yearly, and it's still a small group to divide the cost... esp. considering the bw is prb pretty low. I'll look into what my wife can do through her company, but anyone w/ better options let us know.
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Ok: Danielle's cost for web hosting was >2x higher. Oh well... due diligence & all.

So unless someone has some personal resources to offer, Manfred's solution is in the lead...

We can vote on it at February's meeting. If you are part of the club and won't be at Feb's meeting, voice your opinion on this issue here before then.

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