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Jan 7, 2010
I have a 2005 LC w/ 53K miles on it, no problem ever...this morning I started the car as usual but I felt a weaker crank (sounded a bit weak and took maybe 1/2 second longer) on starting the engine, what could this be? Car is regularly serviced by dealer and won't be back until another 15K miles. Battery meter seems normal. Any clues? Is this a sign of a bigger problem coming?
What is DD? I had my car sat for a week, no problem...I will have the dealer check batt. related cables and corrosion when I service my car...
Auto Zone can check your battery for free. They will put it under load and let you know if its headed South. If you need one I would suggest the Sears Platinum Premium, 8 year warranty with 4 years full replacement. Im sure Sears can perform the same battery check if you need.
I'd start with the battery. Get it tested and report back.
Last year, my wife's '06 Sienna had an intermittently dead battery. Autozone checked it - said it was fine. after a few more dead battery episodes, I replaced the battery (which was 5 years, 75,000 miles old). All is well now. moral - sometimes a weak battery checks fine... So it may be your battery. btw, I cleaned the battery and connections multiple times in the process before it's replacement.

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