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May 6, 2009
Arizona - PHX area
Call me crazy.

I have had no luck finding an affordable, decent set of front seats for my '74 and I am contimplating makeing my own ( modeled after milrods below)

I have a decent heavy duty sewing machine, and am comfortable with the foam and apolstry work.

When I thnk of the frame I imagine some 3/4" tubing, spring stock, and lots of fab work.

So I have a few questions:
1. Has anyone tried this if so how did it end up
2. Can I trouble someone with late 60'2 - early 70's bench seat to provide some dimensions.
3. If anyone in the SW US has a decent stock bench seat for sale let me know.......and I can make this project a lot easier

If I go forward with this I will ddocument and provide measurements and materials as well.

Are you talking about making the frames from scratch or just reupholstering them? I think you should be able to find a decent set of seat frames for not too much.
Those seats pictured appear to be 1971-1972 vintage. Your '74 would have buckets and require different mounting. I have a solid set of '74 buckets if you can do the upholstery work.
Yup, looks like the 72 I used to have. John
I know the '74 came with buckets, but I love that bench look.

My plan was to build frame and all ( If I have to )
I know the '74 came with buckets, but I love that bench look.

My plan was to build frame and all ( If I have to )
So many folks swap in buckets that I am surprised that there isn't a set around locally. I suppose they get tossed due to lack of demand. May be hard to fab in the ribs on the seat backs, and that is a significant part of the look, to me. Good luck. John
you are welcome to measure my bench - I have time pretty much all day tomorrow, Monday - I might even be persuaded to dig the driver seat out of wherever I am storing it

I will be stopping by Tools at some point . . .
Why go through all that work to make a set of seats that are readily available? The bench seats are usually very cheap since many people swap them out for buckets. It will cost you WAY more money to make those seats than to buy them if you value your time at all.
There is a set of those exact seats in the classifieds. They are 9-71 to 9-72 seats. Tuff trucks of texas has a set for a hundy.
Ive got a bench seat setup.thats been under my 45 for years that id like to get rid off...ill try to dig up pics/info for.ya
Thanks All for the sanity check. I was not haveing good luck finding a bench but perhaps I simply did not look hard enough.
the seats i've got are from a 64-65
single back.jpg
Thanks all,
N-L PM sent.

New seats

If you have the metal parts the only hard part is the foam. You can buy the foam from an upholstery shop, make sure it's the right density. Then I use a 4" grinder with a sanding disk, fine grit, to shape the foam to match the old then cover. Good luck.

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