Ways to Improve Safety of 60 (accidents, rollovers etc)

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Apr 14, 2006
Los Angeles
Thinking of having little rug rats soon, wondering what I can do to make my 60 safer for my family.

I have been reading about rear 3-point belts. But what else?

Can you weld steel beams to the doors for side impact?

Air bags? Curtain air bags? --Can these be installed?

Any other ways people can make a 60 a safe vehicle for a family?

the 60 is a hell of a vehicle. I've had family members get t-boned pretty bad and they've been physically ok. Even had a cousin rear end a stopped semi (hard enough to make the semi driver stall) and everyone inside was ok. They're bloody tough trucks, that's why we all own them. But ya, a new 200 might be a good option $$$$$$
Buy the kids some good seats.

Add a hook to the back of the back seat to attach the rear strap once they are big enough to turn the seat forward (once they are at least 20 lbs)

Then if you are still paranoid, go for an exoskeleton.

i consider the 60 series quite safe in comparison to other vehicles built in the same time.i drive my kids to school and daycare everyday w/ them and they like it.i make sure that they are strap down tight like an astronaut specially child seats.it is up to you on how will you drive it.i have another suv that my wife likes better than the 60 thats the one we drive on long trips or going to church.you can always have a 60 and 100 if your budget allows.hope this helps.:Djohn
Don't drive over 30 mph.
good seat belts, good seats, don't let the kids ride up front, keep them in the middle of the back seat, install your car seats properly, the local fire department can help( i took the DOT seat install class for work and thought i knew how to do it, got a lesson in proper install, you actually end up wrestling with it but when done well it wont move) all cars/truck are susceptable to accident damage the 60 is a good sturdy platform if passengers/kids are in car seats(if necessary) and belted properly you are in good shape, don't drive like an idiot.

remeber generally the one with the most mass wins especially today because cars are built to absorb energy in impact which means less transferrance of energy back to you in you 60/tractor/tank
A ARB front bumper would be a nice thing to have up front.
Another handy thing to have on board is a fire extinguisher, just in case....
I used to ride in the rear facing seat in our station wagon, no car seats, not even seat belts! I would say that I turned out pretty OK? I'm not saying we should hurt our kids but... kids HAVE been being raised for thousands of years~and we have come this far

I totalled my Yukon Denali a few years ago, after that wreck I promised myself I would'nt drive a "newer" disposable vehicle, I personally feel I would have been better off in one of my LandCruisers.

Just one mans thoughts...
rear middle seat

So you put them in the rear middle....even though it doesnt allow you to have a shoulder/lap 3-point belt there in the middle?
So you put them in the rear middle....even though it doesnt allow you to have a shoulder/lap 3-point belt there in the middle?

we put my son in the rear middle while he was in a car seat. the seat is what protects the child with its 4 point harness, just make sure to add the top strap tie down hook either to the seat frame in the back or to the floor. once he moved to a booster on vehicles with no center lap shoulder he moved to one side or the other generally the passenger side because thast where he liked to sit. my wife and I both have newer gmc vehicles a truck and a yukon and the middle seats have lap and shoulder belts installed in them. i am sure someone who is creative and saw the need has already outfitted a cruiser rear seat with lap and shoulderbelt in the middle
So you put them in the rear middle....even though it doesnt allow you to have a shoulder/lap 3-point belt there in the middle?

This is by far one of the safest spots in the vehicle for a child seat. You have multiple feet of space on either side of the seat to act as a crumple zone in the event of a roll over or T-bone style accident. The fact that it has one belt is a moot point. Like cfdlighthouse said, add the rear strap hook and you are ready to roll.
I just wrecked my 62 last Monday, not sure if you saw the pics(fj62 vs. prius). It was the most SOLID feeling vehicle I've been in during an accident(more than i can count). As long as theres no hi-lifts, chains, or spare tires flying around and everyone in strapped in tight they've got a better chance than the people you hit. If I hit a car with less quality than that prius I'm not sure everyone would walk away.
You taking about on-road safety or off-road?

Here is what I would get. Never can be too careful. :)

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser GX

What the...? That's sweet! Honestly though, who really needs that kind of protection? I don't generally fear getting shot at with an assault rifle. But if I did have to worry about it this is where I'd go.
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