watercrossing loss of power

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Jan 29, 2006
waell i posted a post a few days ago about an extreme loss of power issue that i thought was water geeting in my intake or distributor.

turns out i went thourg some water today that wasnt evn that deep maybe a foot and a half 2 feet tops
and the same thing happened hardly any throttle response and reallyrough idle.

engine struggles for about 10 minutes if you let it sit and idle for a while then it randomly goes back to normal. thins is the second occurrance of this.

i think its sometin that gets wet whenever water is splashed up because today i was going moderately fast.

also i did pop the hood and the distridutor was totally dry.

i am very confused
Have you done anything to keep moisture out of the plug wire ends? Silicon grease at the plugs and the cap?

That's the first place to check. From the sound it it that's the most likely cause.


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